Our Goal is to Deliver the Most Delicious Coffee We Can… to You… at Work

Ducking down to the local coffee shop for a half-decent coffee might sound like a good idea at the time… but we got a better idea.

The Coffee Run

Have you ever wanted to quickly duck down to the local cafe during your morning break but then made the mistake of asking your work colleagues if they wanted a coffee too? Twenty-five minutes later you’re back, balancing coffee trays while you karate kick to open and navigate doors. And, the worst part is that the coffee’s not hot anymore.

Think of the meetings where you go to get coffee for clients. How long did it really take? For argument’s sake, let’s say it was a five-minute drive there and five minutes back. Then there’s a five minutes wait time while the barista prepares the coffee. It’s 9:30 am so there are one or two people in the cue ahead of you. The coffee run could realistically take you twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Lots of bosses don’t like this. One or more people leaving the office regularly throughout the day, on a weekly basis creates a cumulative loss in productivity. If your boss is like this, don’t worry, lots of local Cowra businesses don’t allow their workers to leave work during the day.

But, we hear you say, “coffee boosts productivity”.

At OhYeah Coffee, we experience firsthand how happy workers are with their morning coffee. A survey in 2015 found that almost ninety percent of workers believed that having a cup of coffee would make an improvement in a day at work.

We also know what happens when people don’t get their morning coffee: feelings of exhaustion, irritability, unproductiveness, disorganisation, and forgetfulness.

We deliver fresh espresso coffee to Cowra workers, who can’t leave work. Our coffee is always delicious, it’s always hot, and it’s always easy. If not, you can have your money back.

We can’t be everywhere at 10 am in the morning, when most businesses stop for a morning break but we can often be a little earlier or later (before 9:30 am or after 10:30 am).

We are also available for lunch deliveries. If coffee isn’t your thang in the afternoon, try one of our delicious hot chocolates, white hot chocolates, or chai lattes. In summer we also have chocolate frappes.

We won’t drive across town to deliver one drink but if you want a couple of drinks and you are located next to one of our other customers then we may be able to fit you in. Generally, we need a minimum spend of $15 to put you on our regular coffee run.

We are not pushy, you never need to order a coffee every day on our coffee run. We have customers who we call back every morning and others we call on once a week.

To organise a time please contact us and we will be happy to schedule a time with you.

Culture & Morale

Managers often understand how much work stress impacts physical and mental health. Finding new ways of creating a positive work environment has reaped the reward of a greater output of higher-quality work.

A study undertaken by MIT showed that coffee breaks can have a positive effect in an office environment. The study suggests it increases “group strength” in the workplace and there can be a resulting improvement in productivity.

We see it all the time; workers having a coffee with colleagues often exchange ideas, perspectives, and opinions that can lead to new developments and solutions. Having a coffee break at the same time as colleagues is an ideal time to network and talk things over without leaving the office.

While some businesses choose to let their employees pay for their own coffee, others see a return on investment in significant areas of their business.

Coffee is Healthy

There are many health benefits associated with drinking coffee*:

*two to three eight-ounce cups per day is considered moderate

  • Drinking coffee every day has been shown to decrease the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
  • Drinking coffee has also been associated with a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, dementia, liver cancer, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Coffee is full of antioxidants, which are powerful cancer fighters
  • A Harvard study found that women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed

Why Ohyeah Coffee?

The advantages of fresh espresso coffee made on-site by Ohyeah Coffee are quantifiable. The decision can:

  • Promote positivity towards the organisation and management
  • Advance work culture
  • Improve productivity in the workplace
  • Boost the morale of your staff
  • Create a positive environment in the office
  • Reduce time lost on journeys to the cafe

Ask yourself, if your office and colleagues could do with freshly made espresso coffee in the morning.

Let’s MAKE THIS HAPPEN today →