Take the Wheel of Success: OhYeah Coffee is On the Market

Unleashing Opportunity in Every Cup

We’re handing over the keys to a thriving venture that’s primed for success. OhYeah Coffee has weathered all economic climates, standing strong as a recession-resistant beacon of flavor and community. With the brand established, the menu perfected, and the processes finely tuned, it’s your turn to step in and continue this journey with confidence and flair.

About The Business:

We’ve spent two years building up an established coffee run around the businesses of Cowra, with regular, loyal customers 5 days a week. We are also regularly asked to attend events such as shows, weekend sports, markets and field days. You’d be starting from a strong baseline with the ability to tailor the business operations to suit your lifestyle and financial needs.

  • Business Name: The purchase includes the rights to the well-recognized name “Ohyeah Coffee.” It’s not only catchy but has resonated with many, fostering a memorable brand identity.
  • Marketing & Signage: Continue the proven marketing strategy with ease. The sale includes existing van signage, two A-frame signs for market positioning, loyalty cards with a stamp, and professionally printed A5 menus, all ready for immediate use.
  • Branding: Seamlessly aligned with the Ohyeah Coffee branding, the bright yellow coffee grinder and white Wega coffee machine create a visually appealing and lively image. This consistent branding can provide an engaging experience for your customers.
  • The Run: Benefit from a well-organized and carefully engineered daily schedule tailored to your customers’ preferences. With exact times for each visit, you’ll have a smooth operation that caters to daily, bi-weekly, or weekly customers.
  • Hours: Enjoy a balanced lifestyle with 4-hour working days, five weekday mornings a week, allowing for flexibility and time for other pursuits.
  • Staffing: Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a team of two, the business can adapt. The current owners find a two-person team allows for excellent division between customer service and coffee preparation.
  • Customers: This business brings joy, as customers genuinely look forward to your visits. It’s a unique experience that builds lasting connections.
  • Reputation: Known for premium quality rather than low price, Ohyeah Coffee proudly serves the best coffee in Cowra. This reputation ensures a dedicated customer base.
  • Menu: Offering a variety of drinks from coffees to frappes, the full menu is available at https://ohyeah.coffee/menu/, ready to tantalize taste buds.
  • Website: This website and the domain www.ohyeah.coffee is included, and assistance with the transfer of the website and domain name to your web hosting will be provided.
  • Social Media Presence: With 274 Facebook followers and 220 Instagram followers, the existing social media channels are a vibrant way to engage customers and will be transferred to the new owner.
  • Suppliers: Ohyeah Coffee’s commitment to high quality is evident in the sourcing of the best ingredients at competitive prices. The established online ordering accounts ensure a seamless transition.
  • Supplies: Jumpstart your operation with included essentials such as a few cartons of cups, lids, straws and trays (About a month’s supply).
  • Payment System: The sale includes a $400 Square EFTPOS mobile handheld device, a turnkey solution for accepting payments. Easy and convenient for both you and your customers.

With OhYeah Coffee, consistency is key. While many local shows and markets experience fluctuating sales, our coffee run maintains a stable success rate. Even during the hotter months, when coffee consumption generally decreases, our weekly sales remain resilient and dependable.

Financials – Discover the Earning Potential:

The pricing of our coffee van business is reflective of its profitability. Upon signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we’ll provide you with the 2022-23 partnership income tax return and Profit & Loss statement for full transparency. Contact us to receive these documents and understand the value you’re investing in.

Why are we selling? A New Chapter:

We’ve spent two fulfilling years serving exceptional coffee and fostering incredible relationships within our community. Now, we’re excited to embark on new adventures and challenges, opening the door for you to continue this thriving enterprise.

Price and Contact Details:

Investment: $40,000 + GST
Contact Reece: 0403-592-690
Contact Sumara: 0410-534-646

Special Offer – Seamless Transition:

To ensure a smooth handover, we’re including 4 weeks of personalized consultation and training, valued at $2,500. Whether it’s learning how to craft the perfect coffee, engaging with customers, maintaining the van, or ordering supplies, we’ll show you the ropes and address any questions you may have. We’re committed to setting you up for success in your new venture.

Exceptionally Equipped 2009 VW Caddy Coffee Van

Ready for Business!

Vehicle Details:

Make and Model: 2009 VW Caddy Maxi Van
Engine: 1.9 Litre, Diesel, Fuel Injected, 5-Speed Manual
Mileage: 104,717 KM’s
Registration: November 2nd, 2023

  • Top-Quality Fit-Out: High-grade stainless steel interior that’s fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand health standards. Start with confidence knowing it’s approved by Cowra Council as a food service business.
  • Power System: A self-sufficient Onan Cummins 3.6Kw generator (RV QG 3600) with stainless steel fuel tank (5916 hours of use), complemented by a new starter motor and carburetor, ensures continuous, reliable power.
  • Energy Efficient: Onboard deep-cycle battery and charger system keep your twin Engle 57-liter refrigeration units running efficiently when the generator is off, ensuring that the milk stays cold and the ice stays frozen for frappes and iced coffee.
  • Practical Design: User-friendly water and waste tanks, a handy small sink, and a built-in knock-knock for spent coffee grounds. Additional free-standing knock-knock is included for those bigger jobs.
  • Outdoor Functionality: An extendable awning shelter provides cover over the back of the van for rainy days, and an included coffee marquee is perfect for market setups.
  • Professional Look & Functionality: From the generator that’s been faithful since its latest upgrades to the efficiently designed battery system for seamless transitions, every detail has been crafted for a smooth coffee service experience.

Enjoy the benefits of a fully self-contained, health standards-compliant coffee van and hit the road with a proven business model.

The Secret of Success: Really Good Coffee

Why Ohyeah Coffee stands out

Our loyal customers consistently praise our coffee as the best in Cowra. With our specially chosen equipment, you too can craft incredible coffee that keeps people coming back.

  • Wega Atlas EVD 2 Group Compact White Coffee Machine: Renowned for reliability and quality, the compact design and reduced power requirement make it a superb choice for food vans.
  • Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder: Praised for its consistent grind, minimal wastage, precise dosing, and temperature control, this grinder sets the foundation for a perfect brew.
  • Everpure Coffee Machine Filter: This state-of-the-art filter ensures that only premium quality water goes into every cup. It’s another secret to delivering extraordinary coffee.
  • Blendtec Classic 575 Commercial Blender: Designed with frappe lovers in mind, this blender lets you expand your menu with crowd-pleasing favorites.
  • Barista Kit: We’ve included most things a barista needs: 4 jugs, a thermometer, measuring spoons, tamp, choc shaker, and more.
  • Barista Training Included: If you’re new to the world of coffee, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to craft the perfect cup with the equipment. See our special offer above to start your coffee journey with confidence.

A Visual Journey of Ohyeah Coffee

Invest in a coffee van and coffee run that’s set up for success, with the best tools and guidance at your disposal. Contact us today.