About Ohyeah Coffee

Buckle up, peeps! Meet Ohyeah Coffee, your favorite on-the-go caffeine fix, rockin’ the streets of Cowra since October 2021. A homegrown business, run by local legends, Reece and Sumara.

The Dynamic Duo

Reece and Sumara? Yeah, they’re our very own Batman and Robin. And why are they running a coffee van, you ask? ‘Cause they freakin’ love it, that’s why! Sure, it can feel like herding caffeinated cats at times, but hey, that’s the biz. Reece, the man of the hour, is a wizard of a barista, finessing the hell out of that grind and extraction to whip up the tastiest java jolts this side of the hemisphere. And Sumara, bless her heart, she’s the face of the place, with a freaky ability to remember your coffee orders (seriously, it’s like some kind of superpower).

The Coffee

Our premium coffee blend? We call it “The Godfather”, roasted with love in Orange by the pros at 7 Miles (you might know them as Bills Beans). Now, it might cost a little extra (talking $53 a kilo, folks), but trust us, one sip, and you’ll know where every cent went. We might not be the cheapest in town, but we sure as hell are the tastiest.

Cup Sizes? We Keep It Real

Ever been duped by a “large” that’s clearly a medium? Us too, and it’s not cool. We stick to the Aussie (and Kiwi) standards for our cup sizes. Small is 8oz (300ml), medium is 12oz (390ml), large is 16oz (495ml) and jumbo is a whopping 22oz (650ml). No tricks, no gimmicks. What you see is what you get.

The Coffee-Mobile

Our trusty steed, the VW Caddy, might be a tad smaller than those hulking vans, but boy, does it pack a punch! With an onboard Cummins/Onan generator and filtered freshwater tanks, we’re fully self-reliant. Off-grid? No problem!

To make the magic happen, we’ve got a shiny Wega espresso machine. It could probably extract coffee from a stone if you asked it to. And that grinder? It’s a Mythos One, and it’s yellow. We really dig the color coordination.

The Nitty-Gritty

Cowra Council gave us the green light as a Mobile Van Food Business. Got any concerns or need to take a gander at our Public Liability Certificate of Currency? Hit us up!

We’re also up to par with the NSW Food Authority standards. Want to peep our Food Safety Supervisor certification? Just say the word!

Need a Tax Receipt? GST?

We’ve got you covered, whether you need a tax receipt for that one-off EFTPOS purchase or a collective invoice at the end of an event. We’ve got it all sorted, cause that’s how we roll. Welcome to Ohyeah Coffee – where the coffee’s hot, the service is cool, and the good times never end!